Green Economy

The company SETRAS is equipped with a modern and efficient photovoltaic 50 Kw system for the production of energy to be used in their company's internal working structure.

The commitment to reduce the environmental impact of both our processes and transport is a fundamental point of our philosophy, total attention of this is given from all of our company organization. Investment, both economic and planning input, for developments made to minimize impacts on the environment has for years characterized and distinguished our identity. Taking advantage of our creativity, innovation and experience we intervene with appropriate working methods and equipment to compare technologies, materials and alternative solutions with the aim of minimizing the environmental impact of every single procedure carried out.

Life Cycle Thinking

'Life Cycle Thinking' is our approach to work in order to reduce the environmental impact of all our activities. For this reason we control and improve, in terms of environmental quality, the sequence of maintenance, cleaning and the use of our equipment. Our company and our industrial processes are subjected to an environmental management system certified to ISO 14001 standards. To minimize the environmental impact of industrial processes means to:

  1. Reduce the consumption of energy and natural resources;
  2. Contain the emission of pollutants and noise pollution;
  3. Improve work place environments;
  4. Eliminate conditions for any potential environmental accident.
In our company every single industrial process is carried out using innovative procedures together with methods which are in continuous improvement, in respect of the environment. A specific and significant example of this is the introduction of our internal industrial cleaning system. This process is a technical starting point for further improvements in the sector concerning the waste disposal from cleaning. All our industrial processes are certified according to standard ISO 14001. This is a voluntary certification that guarantees the control and continuous improvement of any environmental impact from production processes, starting from the actual use of energies until waste management.


Chemical Transport, Food Transport, Waste Transport, Bulk Transport, Industrial Waste Transport, High Temperature Transport. Road transport, rail transport, sea transport and air transport.

Servizi Trasporti Speciali

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